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8 min readMay 2

First of all, I would like to say thank you for all our actual but as well previous patrons but as well other supporters who share or any other way support our work!

It’s been over 5 years that I started working myself on project 5Real with the goal to create realistic world as kind of movie set for video creation purposes. After teaming up with Cryhd and his project LA Revo 2.0 and all the support we received from you guys, the original 5 years old goal is close to be done.

Thanks to your suggestions, ideas and watching how you enjoy our hard daily work, we fall in love with this project even more over the time. You can tell that by seeing the amount of work we release every month tho. We are constantly learning new things and not only keep making things you never imagined or many of modders thought was not possible to do, but even things that we our self thought few months ago would be not possible to create for this game due to its limitations as 10 years old game. As you already know for long time our goal is not only new world anymore but whole new game in meaning of player’s experience with focus on realism.

Of course all the credits for game goes to the Rockstar for this great game, no matter how many stupid looking mistakes they did in files or all bad things that they are doing against the modders. Big thanks goes as well to all modders who allowed us use their models, allowed us edit their models or just sold use rights on their work to be used anyway as we wish. Mostly the vehicles models as that would take us a long time to do our self and we would be not able to move into things like interactions without having these things done first.

With this prologue that I had feeling that I have to say to y’all, let’s get to the point and start with the news. When we started sharing early access to our beta files thru Patreon, which was decision based on more and more requests to both me about 5Real and Cryhd about LA Revo 2.0, we were new at this platform and system and we didn’t know what we should expect and how we should be dealing with many inside things.

Tiers Changes

But now with all the experiences we gained in this field as well, I would like to announce that we are changing our tiers system a little bit…

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