My GTA 5 Graphics settings & Nvidia Control Recommendation

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7 min readApr 16

I would like to share with you my recommendation on graphics related settings. You will see me writing about Nvidia and not AMD as I’m fan of Nvidia and I never had AMD so I can not speak anything about it’s settings at all. I will start with my in-game settings recommendations in same order as you see them in in-game menu.


Ignore Suggested Limits definitively On.
DirectX Version — have to be set to DirectX 11 otherwise you will have glitches like square smoke + some functions of our RealismScript can be not working properly either.

Screen Type — best is to try which give you personally best performance but from my experience Windowed Borderless is best for lower screens while Full Screen is better for screens with bigger refresh rate as windowed may limit your refresh rate causing lower fps.
Resolution — up on you, note that the biggest resolution you have, less FPS you have. So for users with 2K+ screens if you use heavy ENB presets or other mods like that which eat lot of FPS and you want rather boost FPS than get some ultra details which you during casual gameplay don’t recognize so much to ruin your gaming experience anyway, use only full HD resolution.
Aspect Ratio — up on you, I personally use simply Auto.
Refresh Rate — no reason to limit it so I would use Auto.

FXAA — based on your preference, should have no performance affect, I personally have it On.
MSAA — this is big FPS eater but it make game look really much better, so my recommendation is don’t turn it off but at the same time keep it lowest possible to don’t consume much FPS = X2.
NVIDIA TXAA — I don’t really see any difference on this and with MSAA on and even FXAA on as I have, it’s totally useless and I would leave it Off. Maybe if you have very low hardware and you have FXAA & MSAA off, then you may consider turning at least this On.
VSync — basically if you don’t have any screen tearing problems you can leave it Off, but I personally have it On.
Pause Game On Focus Loss — for sure leave it On.

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