What is the content of basemet pack of 5Real ?

In this article I would like to explain you closer what is 5Real basement pack. Pack of most realistic GTA 5 moding content and how it’s different from updates.

Thanks to [7-A-15] Reaper from Discord for this shot.

My years of moding was accompanied with lot of time on forums about moding. From the first day when I started learning I seen what is missing in this community and noticed it. At the beginning it was just missing tutorials. …

Why did I hide content of my work behind Patreon paywall ?

As I usually do, I’ll use blog post to explain details about my project and certain steps or decisions, so I’ll don’t spam any descriptions or channels and anyone can read it at any time.

Thanks to BRØKËÑSMYLË from Discord for this awesome shot.

Today I want to speak about releasing early access to beta version of my long-winded project called GTA (V) Real or after the new shorter 5Real, which focus on full realism inside world of GTA V game by Rockstar Studio. …

Best graphic mods available which make your game feel amazing

Everybody new in modding want to improve their graphic first, but everybody experienced in modding want still make their graphic better and better with every possible way. I’m speaking from my own experience. I was satisfied with the graphic edits at one moment and without any new graphic mods released I needed to play with graphic settings after few weeks and try to improve it again and again.

Let’s see what mods are actualy available for improving your GTA graphic right know and which of them I can recommend you. I will aswell tell you why don’t to use REDUX

What is special about this upcoming 8K GTA V video serie ?

You may already seen on my YouTube channel teaser for ‘GTA V REAL missions mods walkthrough’. You even probably found this article in description of that exact video. So what would be these series about ? Lets check it out.

Total Realism

As mentioned in channel intro, my game is about total realism. When I say total, I mean it. If you read section about on gtareal club or original post on gta5-mods from time when I started project GTA V REAL, you know what I’m writing about.

If not I give you little recap. Graphic is combination of best graphic mods…

Keep it Ultra real or keep smooth gameplay ?

When speaking about my game, it’s always all about the fact I keep all as much realistic as possible including high resolution textures and high poly models. This is the fact that I will mention many times in future articles and it’s mostly causing all problems I ever had in my game.

Cherry blossom and palm trees on dayli sunlight.
Cherry blossom and palm trees on dayli sunlight.
One of my first photos after NaturalVision Evolved released.

Biggest of these problems which seems it can’t be solved yet is disapearing or not loading textures and models. Mostly it’s happening because overhelming game engine pool. I believe we can solve this one day, but until that time I will have 2 versions of game.

I don’t…

Adnr Studio

Craetor of GTA V REAL. My world is cinematic videos, gaming, digital photography and 3D models.

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