Replace any vehicle in GTA 5 | Lvl1 ∙ Part 3 ► Handling setups

Learn how to replace any vehicle in GTA 5 by any mod.

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9 min readJan 15, 2022


I am glad you are back here and you didn’t satisfied with vehicles.meta only. This means you care to replace your vehicles properly and avoid any problems before they appear. What can be problems with no replacing handling data ? As I hinted in previous parts, while you are replacing similar shape models of vehicles without any special abilities you are good to go, but once you use for example Donk mods to replace any regular car you may experience problems like flipping over in the corners.

Explaining of handling.meta

We will start again by explaining most of the lines inside of this file. Every vehicle inside of the handling.meta is starting with the following lines:

<Item type=”CHandlingData”>

In this starting line are defined which model are handling data for. Text can have maximum of 14 characters and vanilla data are mostly in uppercase.


Defines the weight of the vehicle and this matter when vehicle collides.


This data simulate aerodynamics drag what means the lower value = less resistance = higher maximum speed.


Define the downforce applied on the vehicle what means the higher value = better grip at high speed.


Decimal representation of percentage how much of the vehicle have to be under the water to stop sinking and start floating on the water as broken.


Moving the center of gravity in meters while zero is in the middle. Positive values for x axis move the centre to right, for y axis move the centre forward and for the z axis move the centre to up.


Here we have again 3 values. X axis value affect how quickly vehicle accelerate and brake, y axis affect how quick is vehicle cornering and z axis affect how quick car rotates around it’s middle. Values are…



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