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Learn how to replace any vehicle in GTA 5 by any mod.

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Welcome at the last part of first level of proper vehicle replacing tutorial. Our goal today is to learn something about carvariation file. What is inside, what aspects and what and how it affect in the game. For our new Lambo we don’t need to change this data for proper working as we di choose good replacement, but in some cases not editing these data may cause more problems. So let’s learn how to avoid them.

Explaining carvariations

You know what’s the first to check out. That’s right, this is the beginning of the vehicle’s data:


Straight to the first line, this is the vehicle model name only.


One of two main sections of data in this file are colors. Here can be up to 25 color variations for each vehicle while each is starting with the <Item> line.


Below this line you may have 4 or 6 lines with some numbers. These number’s are colors IDs which you can browse in this usefull tool. First ID is primary color, second ID is secondary color, third ID is pearlescent color, fourth ID is wheels color and last two are optionable as these values was added in later updates. Fifth ID is used for interiors colors and sixth ID is used for dials colors, available to change in Benny’s motorwork, not in basic tuning shops. In mods, these colors may be used for any other colors depending on authors choice.


Here you have multiple lines looking the same way as <Item value=”true/false” />. Number of the lines here is many times random or this whole section is missing sometimes when vehicle don’t have any liveries. To make the livery work you have to set this value as true. The position of exact item is number of the texture. In our case first Item is set as true what means our vehicle would use livery named as ‘xxx_sign_1’.

But our Lambo don’t have any liveries so this may be set as false with no changes. When vehicle have more liveries you can set different liveries as default in every



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