Replace any vehicle in GTA 5 | Lvl1 ∙ Part 4 ►Working Tuning

Learn how to replace any vehicle in GTA 5 by any mod.

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7 min readNov 28, 2022

Hooray, it’s finally here. Tutorial part for proper working tuning of your new Lambo ! I believe you was waiting to read this part as impatient as I was to write this part as I know lot of people have problem with this part of replacing. So without unnecessary words let’s get to the work.

Explaining of carcols data

In every carcols file there are first data for each vehicle starting as the Kits after this section is closed at very end of the file there is another sections which are Wheels, Lights, Sirens, GlobalVariationData and XenonLightColors. This section can be changed in mods but it affect all the vehicles mentioned inside of carcols file so I don’t recommend you changing these data and we will focus on explaining and editing only Kits section of carcols file at this moment.

As usual first of all I will show you the starting point of the vehicle’s data in carcols file:


This time it’s not only the name of the file but there is a number added at the start. Each vehicle have different number and you can’t add random name or number as we did in handling.meta…



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