Replace any vehicle in GTA 5 | Lvl1 ∙ Part 2 ► Vehicle files and vehicles.meta

Learn how to replace any vehicle in GTA 5 by any mod.

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19 min readDec 8, 2021


Welcome in second part of first level of proper vehicle replacing tutorial. In first part we prepared all the files and we are ready to start replacing.

Replace models

From this moment I will be not putting every archive name between quotation marks because all the time when I’ll write ‘archive’ you will know I’m speaking about ‘.rpf’ file as for example was ‘dlc.rpf’, now I would call it only dlc.rpf archive or just dlc archive.

Let’s get started for the first easy step which is replacing a models we prepared. We got opened OpenIV and your folder with prepared files, so use search tool and search for reaper.yft as we did choose Reaper as the car we will replace.

As I mentioned in first part of tutorial, we got it in 2 locations and they should be with blue background in search results. If you see more or less locations where is this file, there are 3 possible reasons.

  1. You see 4 locations. Two of them have a bit blue background and two of them have no background, meaning white background color. You should know this but in case you don’t I’m explaining this as well. Blue color background means locations are inside of mods folder and white color are original locations, but you know you have to always use mods folder so you never work with files with white background of location.
  2. You see only 2 locations but both have white background. In this case between this search results and search box you have 2 lines. One says ‘Search area’ and second says ‘Search for’. In search area you can set up if you want search in both areas or only in original files or only in mods files. It’s up to you if you choose both areas or mods only as again, we never work with original game folder files. NOTE: If you have set ‘Search everywhere’ and see anyway only white background files, after opening this locations you should see big button ‘Copy to “mods” folder’ and you need to click on this, but I believe you already know about this basics of work in OpenIV.
  3. One more option is that you have more than 2 locations with blue background. This can…



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