• Cermo


    Freelance writer residing in Delaware, with interests in history, technology, the history of technology, retrofuturism, and worrying.

  • hagne


    Blogger| Writer| Christian creative.

  • Nikamalnikman


  • CryptoNewsPipe


    Join the #HODL #community: https://cryptonewspipe.medium.com/membership

  • Autistic Widower

    Autistic Widower

    I’m a 53 year old widowed parent living in England. I write mostly about life experiences, autism and ADHD. I like music, old tech, old tv shows and nostalgia.

  • BishBosh


    I post about tech, space, business, the environment and more!

  • Igwilo Vincent

    Igwilo Vincent

    Your friendly neighborhood Writer, A Christian and a peace loving guy, I literally spill ink on a fresh page and smack my face unto it to form poetry

  • Sana Naz

    Sana Naz

    My name is Sana Naz. I love to write about psychology, spirituality, health, and personal development. Welcome to my site…!

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