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Why did I hide content of my work behind Patreon paywall ?

As I usually do, I’ll use blog post to explain details about my project and certain steps or decisions, so I’ll don’t spam any descriptions or channels and anyone can read it at any time.

Thanks to BRØKËÑSMYLË from Discord for this awesome shot.

Today I want to speak about releasing early access to beta version of my long-winded project called GTA 5Real or after the new shorter 5Real, which focus on full realism inside world of GTA V game by Rockstar Studio. More details how the project started and what is the main goal you can read here.

So I’ll dive into info that probably most of you’re interesting about — paywall reasons. Why I decided to hide content behind the paywall of the Patreon even that I’m still telling it would be for free ?

Well, it’s the time.

Most valuable asset of everyone of us already own. I’m not telling that I don’t want to spend my time on this project. Right opposite ! I want to spend more time on this project and not taking care about if I have enough to pay the pc loan or other bills or if I have what to eat this month. Coz I have flexible time in my work it’s often struggle when you love something so much as I do this project, coz then I’m skipping the days in work so many times to work on this, that this scenarios not once really did happened. But I’m glad it didn’t turn so bad that I had to cancel this project.

I just really like this and I believe I can bring you a lot of great content that is worth of that few bucks monthly. Monthly payments are awesome thing. Do you know why ?

Coz you can split expenses into many people that want to support your work as well as monthly time cuts so you come up with really low amount of money for job that consume so much time and effort. Great example is NaturalVision Evolved which started as free project NVR. I don’t regret any money that I did spend and I’m still spending on this pack month after month !

More people = more content

Another reason for paywall is the team. I’ll be able to bring more people into team working on this project from same reasons that I just mentioned you about my time. This will not only speed up the project’s timeline but will as well improve it with the more and better content. I’m not familiar with every moding aspect and learning it would take much more time and still won’t be such good as from people who focus long time on that types of mods.

Good example is LA Revo 2.0 which became part of this project and to make all of this myself while keep track with my actual content creation, oh I’m scary even now when I think about it. There is so much content coming up, this is just a beggining. But more about plans later in this post.

Do you want it now ?

Look, it’s not like I’m telling you nor forcing you to get tiers to support this huge project and get early access. That will not happened ever. I’m just finding way how to share this project with you earlier as it still need thousands of hours of work on it. So you’re free to keep waiting until project is done and then you can get it for free. YES ! As I promised, it’ll be for free, but once it would be finished.

I’m just reading your messages on all social platforms even when I’m busy and I always think about your words. Many of you would like to enjoy at least actual content. I’m listening your requests and wishes. Few of you may be even satisfied with just common buildings and vehicles which are done at this time and I’m totally ok with that. I want you to enjoy what part of project you would like.

From that reason we did split basement pack and updates so you can get monthly content even for lower price, or just keep what is done and don’t care about anything new. You can even subscribe and unsubscribe every few months to get just some of the updates, it’s all up to you thanks to Patreon tiers.

But I’m the same as most of you, there are things that I just want before it’s fully finished coz I see that it’s already great content as mentioned NVE for example or QuantV. So I’m not only willing to pay every month for early access of that content but I’m not taking it as monthly payments or subscription for content itself. I see it as monthly support of authors effort, hard work and their time spend on content made for us that I really appreciate and I’m happy that I can help that certain project at least by small support like this.

Thanks to BRØKËÑSMYLË from Discord for this awesome shot.

So now, when you know details why I decided about Patreon tiers, let’s dive into updates plans and goals as well, so you’ll know what to expect and if it’s worth it for you. First of all I spend last weeks by focusing on stability which is biggest issue when you’re using so much mods. And after time that it consume, this is the second most common reason why y’all didn’t made real traffic for your game yet right ? So I’m gonna focus on this really hard for you and not gonna underestimate it.

After what I learned during the all this time about Rockstar’s game engine and polls work, I prepared aswell new limits pushing gameconfig, which is one of the most important files for hardcore moding like this.

I decided to put it all in separate dlc’s coz I want you to affect this project a bit with your suggestions what you want to see in next updates for more realism. And you can do this affecting decisions even without getting the files, thanks to lower tiers which will help maintenance staff work like Discord. I’ll be sharing more detailed posts about my experiences and progress separately later. But in short, I want to focus more on mentioned stability, variety and dispatch to achieve most possible realism.

So to be able focus on it I’ll be getting help not only with the new models but with things like textures, scenarios and others surprises for you. First goal is accomplish full real life world reflection by things like behaviors, variety and spawning rates that I’ll keep eye on simultaneously with the game stability and files structure.

Architecture is done mostly thanks to LA Revo 2.0 becoming part of this project what I’m really thankful for other moders seeing faith in this project. All work in this project will be as well compatible with many popular mods like NVE or QuantV, but our goal is to get you full pack of everything you need in one place without any needs to more learning in moding to combine more mods packs.

More people will hopefully be helping this project with focus on models and textures to change every little detail in the game. Even that trash on the streets that you ignore coz it’s just a trash.

All realism is and will be based not on my opinions how it should look like or how I would like it, but on real footages of places and scenarios. Even for the traffic I did watch over 20 hours of footage driving thru the Cali streets for final edits of selected models.

To check exact goals and plans for each month make sure to join Discord where I’ll be accepting requests and making polls to see, what would you like to see or what you think that may need to be fixed or improved. With this said, I see you there and enjoy actual content of 5Real.



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