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6 min readMay 7, 2021

Why did I hide content of my work behind Patreon paywall ?

As I usually do, I’ll use blog post to explain details about my project and certain steps or decisions, so I’ll don’t spam any descriptions or channels and anyone can read it at any time.

Thanks to BRØKËÑSMYLË from Discord for this awesome shot.

Today I want to speak about releasing early access to beta version of my long-winded project called GTA 5Real or after the new shorter 5Real, which focus on full realism inside world of GTA V game by Rockstar Studio. More details how the project started and what is the main goal you can read here.

So I’ll dive into info that probably most of you’re interesting about — paywall reasons. Why I decided to hide content behind the paywall of the Patreon even that I’m still telling it would be for free ?

Well, it’s the time.

Most valuable asset of everyone of us already own. I’m not telling that I don’t want to spend my time on this project. Right opposite ! I want to spend more time on this project and not taking care about if I have enough to pay the pc loan or other bills or if I have what to eat this month. Coz I have flexible time in my work it’s often struggle when you love something so much as I do this project, coz then I’m skipping the days in work so many times to work on this, that this scenarios not once really did happened. But I’m glad it didn’t turn so bad that I had to cancel this project.

I just really like this and I believe I can bring you a lot of great content that is worth of that few bucks monthly. Monthly payments are awesome thing. Do you know why ?

Coz you can split expenses into many people that want to support your work as well as monthly time cuts so you come up with really low amount of money for job that consume so much time and effort. Great example is NaturalVision Evolved which started as free project NVR. I don’t regret any money that I did spend and I’m still spending on this pack month after month !

More people = more content

Another reason for paywall is the team. I’ll be able to bring more people into team working on this project from same reasons that I just mentioned you about my time. This will not only speed up the project’s timeline but will as well improve it…

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