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4 min readMay 7, 2021

What is the content of basemet pack of 5Real ?

In this article I would like to explain you closer what is 5Real basement pack. Pack of most realistic GTA 5 moding content and how it’s different from updates.

Thanks to [7-A-15] Reaper from Discord for this shot.

My years of moding was accompanied with lot of time on forums about moding. From the first day when I started learning I seen what is missing in this community and noticed it. At the beginning it was just missing tutorials. I had to watch tutorials in different languages with autogenerated English titles which was many times of course generated wrong and English is not my native language, so it was many times not easy.

But from sense of content the keyword that was most of times repeating was exactly the one I was looking for too. Real Life. I was one of you from my start. Just starting moder who want his game look like real life not only in sense of graphics. Why I mentioned this now? Just to explain you, that I’m checking what are others looking and who is looking for the same content as me.

So I understand some of you may want just real ‘basics’ but some of you may want all details as I want. From this reason we decided to let you choose. You can get basement pack and don’t care anymore or you can keep supporting us and receive more and more details done. That is reason why there is separate tier for updates and separate tier for basement pack. From the same reason as well is there option to get only LA Revo 2.0 without all other content. You may want just architecture and terrain and try to do own traffic and combine more mods from others.

But after years of moding we know how hard is combining lot of the mods in final stage for the game stability. All small mistakes that are ignored by system at the start, just pop-up at certain point and start causing big problems. From this reason I still had to learn more and more sections of moding and now, with help of some great moders we are slowly making all great ideas by our own while we keep them all compatible for best game stability.

Thanks to [7-A-15] Reaper from Discord for this shot.

But that’s more about update content so back to basement pack content. In basement…

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