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First of all, I would like to say thank you for all our actual but as well previous patrons but as well other supporters who share or any other way support our work!

It’s been over 5 years that I started working myself on project 5Real with the goal to create realistic world as kind of movie set for video creation purposes. After teaming up with Cryhd and his project LA Revo 2.0 and all the support we received from you guys, the original 5 years old goal is close to be done.

Thanks to your suggestions, ideas and watching how you enjoy our hard daily work, we fall in love with this project even more over the time. You can tell that by seeing the amount of work we release every month tho. We are constantly learning new things and not only keep making things you never imagined or many of modders thought was not possible to do, but even things that we our self thought few months ago would be not possible to create for this game due to its limitations as 10 years old game. As you already know for long time our goal is not only new world anymore but whole new game in meaning of player’s experience with focus on realism.

Of course all the credits for game goes to the Rockstar for this great game, no matter how many stupid looking mistakes they did in files or all bad things that they are doing against the modders. Big thanks goes as well to all modders who allowed us use their models, allowed us edit their models or just sold use rights on their work to be used anyway as we wish. Mostly the vehicles models as that would take us a long time to do our self and we would be not able to move into things like interactions without having these things done first.

With this prologue that I had feeling that I have to say to y’all, let’s get to the point and start with the news. When we started sharing early access to our beta files thru Patreon, which was decision based on more and more requests to both me about 5Real and Cryhd about LA Revo 2.0, we were new at this platform and system and we didn’t know what we should expect and how we should be dealing with many inside things.

Tiers Changes

But now with all the experiences we gained in this field as well, I would like to announce that we are changing our tiers system a little bit coz we hear you. We may not act like that sometimes, but don’t worry, we do hear you!

Platinum and Diamond tiers was first meant to be only as a starting point for first month. But many of you did stay on these higher tiers over and over again knowing there was no advantage for you back at the days, but you said you want to support our work more what we really appreciate. After that we were thinking what advantage we can give you for doing that and we decided to move our release dates from original middle of the month to start of the month to provide updates for higher tiers a bit earlier than lower tiers. And this will keep working like that, but from now without need of that ‘starting point’, what means people can get only lower tiers from the first month.

This change is fully removing everything about so called basement pack = our first release files package that was until now required to be installed first before installing up to date files.

So what does that mean?

There would be no need to download 2 packages from 2 posts anymore. All files would be in one .rar package making it a bit easier to install, easier to navigate thru, a bit less space on your drive, a bit smaller size to download and full up to date version would be this way always fully defragmented to avoid corrupted archives and no junk files from old updates.

Our main goal of basement pack was let you install only new content each month without need to redownload everything even if you take few months brake. However even with all our guides and effort to make it as easy as possible for you, it was doing more harm for lot of you than help. And with all the updating of everything to stay same as real life, we already changed over half of these files from first release anyway.

New Tiers Recap

(more details would be edited in FAQ channel on Discord after changes would apply)

Silver tier will be main tier for LA Revo 2.0 single player package
Gold tier will be main tier for 5Real single player package (5Real include all files of LA Revo 2.0 already)
Palladium tier remain FiveM only packages tier
Platinum tier become kind of VIP tier for LA Revo 2.0 packages giving you access to FiveM packages + extra early access to single player version of LA Revo 2.0
Diamond tier become kind of VIP tier for everything = FiveM packages + extra early access to single player 5Real package (5Real include all files of LA Revo 2.0 already)

Extra early means about 2 weeks earlier than Silver and Gold tiers would get access to it.
These changes would apply from the May update which will become available for lower tiers at 15th of the May 2023.

How would packages look like now?

With this change we will always provide up to date version of single player packages which would be just 1 download from post of latest monthly update. All installers would be this way in one folder, and as always ordered by numbers so it would be super easy to install them and I believe there would be even no need for installation videos anymore. This way would be as well not only instructions but even as small thing as our recommendations always up to date.

But don’t worry, if you are one of our regular supporters and you keep supporting us for multiple months, we would still be each month providing option to download only new files that was last month edited so you don’t need to redownload and reinstall everything but only the new files which make it even easier for experienced modders who decide combine our huge package with even more mods.

However, that would mean if you skip few months and come after few months again instead of being active each month, you would need to redownload and reinstall everything. For that reason, we will keep storing on our clouds always monthly updates of last 3 months. But we will not post them on Patreon because it is not anything that usually users would need so we don’t want to confuse new users. For these who would need it, we would provide it manually only thru tickets on our Discord.

We got more news tho!

We got 2 more news that you would really love. First of all, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, we keep surprising even our self when we are experimenting with different options and accomplishing things that even we our self was thinking few months ago was not possible to do.

You may remember talks about things like 4K and/or forest, 3D ivy hedges etc. in about a year ago. Which did look like having so much detailed things all over the map + run this almost decade old game in such a huge resolution that was rare at the time when the game was released, was kind of unimaginable to accomplish.

You may already seen videos by Digital Dreams that I mentioned in last article how he was testing at start of this year 8K and 16K gameplay with our files without any texture loss or huge lags or other major issues which already did look crazy! This was able mostly thanks to months of optimizations we did during last many of the months while we were trying to keep up doing new content & optimizing everything at the same time. But from now we found even more ways how to boost your performance and we were able to about double the performance again.

To give you an examples, from 2 major developers testing machines that we use to test each month our updates on both higher-end and lower-end pc results are:

Build with NVidia GTX1660 is not only capable to run everything in almost maxed settings including textures (to see which settings you should not keep maxed coz it make no visible difference but lower your performance, read this article) without any texture loss and great average 50FPS, but we are talking about 50FPS with no texture loss in 4K on low-end old GTX1660 build!

Laptop with NVidia RTX3090 (which is of course less powerful as desktop pc build for same GPU) with all settings maxed higher than our recommendations = stupidly high, but used for testing purposes anyway, is capable to get average 70FPS on 120HZ fresh rate screen what means these of you with gaming desktop pc and great screens with fresh rate of 240Hz+ should be able to get probably easy 100+FPS even that anything over 60 in this type of game is not really that much important and recognizable.

Keep an eye on our YouTube for videos relating this matter.

You wanted this for so long

Even that goal of 5Real is full realism, and we were refusing it for a long time, due to these new changes of removing basement pack and keeping each month up to date one pack, we had to redo everything anyway so we decided to listen to your request.

From now on we made it easy for you to install only traffic from 5Real package without installing rest of the package. It wasn’t our goal to make standalone traffic pack, but because our traffic is most well optimized for mass modding usage + fully compatible with all missions, scenarios and other original game features and even most realistic with cars as you would see in same places of LA, we did listen to you and decided to fulfill this request after all.

We believe you would like all these changes and it would help many of you to get everything done easier, faster and much more enjoyable. Thank you for reading this hell long essay and thank you for allowing this project to be best of its kind and allowing us keep surprising you every month with features and customizations that many of you didn’t even dream of!

Stay tunned for more amazing news!



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